OGR - MapInfo 7.0

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Fri Sep 13 12:01:11 EDT 2002

I discovered something this morning. It seems that previously mentioned
problem only occurs with the following definition in a LAYER object of a
MapServer map file:


So, I suspect MITAB can't automatically determine the projection on a
MapInfo 7.0 layer. Luckily, explicitly stating the projection has resolved
the problems I was having.

Dan Martin

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Subject: [mapserver-users] OGR - MapInfo 7.0

I originally sent this message to the GDAL mailing list, but I got no
response. So, I thought I would try here.

I've been using MapServer with MapInfo data through OGR support for MapInfo
TAB format since it was available. I recently upgraded to MapInfo 7.0. It
appears though that any data produced with 7.0 doesn't work in MapServer.

Can someone confirm: Is MapInfo 7.0 producing a new format? If so, is that
format not currently supported by OGR? Is there any timeline on support?

Dan Martin 

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