[Gdal-dev] Exception thrown in GDALOpen() function

Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
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Frank -

It's not a calling convention problem.  The compiler inserts the name of
the appropriate run-time library in the object module when compiling, so
the linker will automatically look for it.  If you compile some objects
debug and some non-debug, the compiler will have inserted both library
names into those objects; when you go to link, both runtime libraries
will be linked and you will get symbol redefinition conflicts.

This can be worked around by telling the linker to ignore all libraries
specified in the object modules and then explicitly listing all the
libraries you need, but that's pretty tedious and many users don't
understand how to do it (or how to do it correctly).

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Ben Discoe wrote:
> Noureddine,
> It is quite likely that you are using the debug-mode GDAL with your
> release-mode applications, or vice-versa.  They must match.  This
> that in order to develop application in both debug and release mode,
> need to build GDAL both ways.


Could you clarify why non-debug applications can't use debug versions of
the library and the other way around?  It seems to me I often do this
without problems.  Is it some difference in calling conventions or
like that?

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