[Gdal-dev] Tracing into GDAL

mathieu_gdal mathieu_gdal at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 13 10:00:17 EDT 2003

Hello everybody,

I am using GDAL with visual c++
I would like to trace into GDAL's functions.

I use the gdal_i.lib library, and (consequently) I dynamically use
I have put gdal11.pdb in my app's application.
In the nmake.opt file, I have uncommented the line :
	OPTFLAGS=	/nologo /Zi /Fd$(GDAL_ROOT)\gdal.pdb 
	In order to make a debug build
Gdal11.dll symbols are well loaded when I launch my app.

In spite of that, impossible to trace into any Gdal's function.
Any idea?


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