[Gdal-dev] Tracing into GDAL

Ben Discoe ben at vterrain.org
Wed Aug 13 10:45:31 EDT 2003


You don't need to "put gdal11.pdb in my app's application".  Leave all
files such as .pdb in their original locations (generally with the .lib)
so that they will be found.  You should be able to trace into GDAL
functions with MSVC; i do it all the time.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: mathieu_gdal
> Subject: [Gdal-dev] Tracing into GDAL
> Hello everybody,
> I am using GDAL with visual c++
> I would like to trace into GDAL's functions.
> I use the gdal_i.lib library, and (consequently) I dynamically use
> gdal11.dll
> I have put gdal11.pdb in my app's application.
> In the nmake.opt file, I have uncommented the line :
> 	OPTFLAGS=	/nologo /Zi /Fd$(GDAL_ROOT)\gdal.pdb 
> 	In order to make a debug build
> Gdal11.dll symbols are well loaded when I launch my app.
> In spite of that, impossible to trace into any Gdal's function.
> Any idea?
> Thanks
> Mathieu

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