[Gdal-dev] Building GDAL by MinGW

Hisaji Ono hi_ono2001 at ybb.ne.jp
Mon Aug 25 11:38:48 EDT 2003

Hi, Mr. Vine.

I can't still build GDAL by MinGW.

I tried to build latest gdal-cvs-030825 using following option under , as
you said, "separate" MinGW building environment. And gcc version number is

./configure --prefix=$MINGW --host=i686-pc-mingw32  --with-libz=internal --w
ith-png=internal --with-libtiff=internal  --with-geotiff=internal --without-
jpeg --without-python --without-pg

However I've got following error messages.

cplgetsymbol.cpp: In function `void* CPLGetSymbol(const char*, const
cplgetsymbol.cpp:174: invalid conversion from `int (*)()' to `void*'
make[1]: *** [cplgetsymbol.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/Administrator/gdal-cvs-030825/port'
make: *** [port-target] Error 2

Could you give me any suggestion to deal with this error and go forward.


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