[Gdal-dev] questions - revisited

Jim Julian julian at preferred.com
Sun Feb 16 00:01:01 EST 2003

Hi Andrey,

    During a compile of the Feb 15 snapshot, I decided to open up
some options in the 'nmake.opt' file. This has resulted in a solution and
a problem.
Solution: I never did get the wildcard expansion option to work,
and during this compile had an idea. I looked into VC98's vcvars32.bat
file to see how the install directory for VC98 is referred to. Microsoft
seems to use the MS-DOS 8.3 filename convention with command line use
of nmake.exe. Taking my cue from that, I inserted the DOS equivalent
(D:\MICROS~1\VC98) and was successful in compiling with wildcard
Question: The first few lines in nmake.opt refer to Python directory variables
for post-compile installation of DLL, EXE, and PY files. form the PYMOD
subdirectory. While Python 22 for Windows doesn't use the Unix style
directory structure, I created one called 'D:\GDAL2\' with the specified
bin, include, lib, and pymod subdirectories.
    Nothing was installed but I did find '_gdal.dll' and presume that DLL 
and all
the python scripts were to have been installed. Am I correct in assuming
I can manually move these to the Python installation? Is the reference
to EXEs obsolete? I found no reference to an executable in the makefile
in the Pymod directory, but then I'm not up on my make/C++ language skills.

                                                                Jim Julian

At 12:02 PM 1/30/03 +0300, you wrote:
>Hi, Jim,
> >........When I compile with an nmake.opt altered for wildcard expansion,
> > I get a fatal error, "Do not know how to make 'D:\Microsoft' ".
> > The directory is "D:\Microsoft Visual Studio", are the spaces
> > in the name giving me problems? If so, can I replace them with
> > double backslashes (\\)?
>I think you should place the path with spaces in double quotes.

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