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Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
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Ayman -

As Andrey said, this is easy to do once you have a GDAL build set up.  I
have found Frank's Windows makefiles very nicely arrange and easier than
most Open Source tools to build under Windows.

Have you downloaded the GDAL distribution?  If not, do so.  Then build
it.  When you get to the point where you can build, say, gdal_translate
in the apps directory, you're ready to go.  The GDAL download and build
instructions are all available on the GDAL site at

Once you're at that point, we can get going!

	- Ed

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what I need is a list of the 
.h files
.lib files
.dll files

that I need to include in my project to be able to
write a simple Win32 console application that can
convert a GeoTiff file format into BMP file forma.

That's all

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