[Gdal-dev] GeoTiff projection/transformation problem

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Feb 16 13:43:15 EST 2003

Petteri Packalen wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Below is a piece of code where: (1) a new driver is created, (2) a new
> dataset is created based on driver just created, (3) projection and
> transformation data are copied to output dataset, and (4) finally input
> and output datasets are closed. This works without any problems when
> working with IMAGINE files, but when new GTiff dataset is created neither
> projection nor affine transformation info is written to the output file
> (projection and transformation info are saved properly to output dataset).
> The input GeoTiff file is not created by GDAL, but works properly when
> processed with libgeotiff. GDAL version is 1.1.8.
> I wonder if there is some fundamental problem in my code? Any hints how to
> progress?


This is a bug in GDAL 1.1.8 with the Create() method.  The CreateCopy() (used
by gdal_translate) works OK.  This is fixed in the nightly CVS snapshots.  I
would suggest building from that.

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