[Gdal-dev] plugging in JasPer

Andrey Kiselev dron at ak4719.spb.edu
Tue Feb 25 15:03:21 EST 2003


On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 09:25:23AM +0300, Vladimir Slepnev wrote:
> there seem to be some problems using the JasPer-based JPEG2000 support in
> GDAL. I am using JasPer version 1.700.1 .

JasPer support in GDAL has several side effects, so I recommend you
read this list where I will post JasPer-related announces and follow my
instructions exactly. Building notes in GDAL's CVS tree always will be
up-to-date as well (see /core/gdal_building.dox).
Please, don't use new JasPer versions before my announce. In near future
upstream JasPer library will not be a good solution for GDAL users, we
are maintain our modified version at


> Here's what is in the file gdal\nmake.opt:
> #JASPER_INCLUDE = -I$(JASPER_DIR)\src\libjasper\include\jasper
> #JASPER_LIB = $(JASPER_DIR)src\msvc\Win32_Release\libjasper.lib
> Here's what those lines should look like, to the best of my knowledge:
> #JASPER_INCLUDE = -I$(JASPER_DIR)\src\libjasper\include
> #JASPER_LIB = $(JASPER_DIR)\src\msvc\Win32_Release\libjasper.lib

You are right, fixed.

> After making those minor changes, I try to build GDAL with JPEG2000 support.
> And this is what I get then:
> E:\vova\cvs-1-11-1p1\gdal\frmts>call ..\submake.bat jpeg2000
> 	cl /nologo
> /Ox -I..\..\port -I..\..\ogr -I..\..\core -IE:\vova\jasper-1.700.1\src\libja
> sper\include /DWIN32 -DFRMT_jpeg2000 /c jpeg2000dataset.cpp
> jpeg2000dataset.cpp
> E:\vova\jasper-1.700.1\src\libjasper\include\jasper/jas_config.h(132) :
> warning C4005: 'HAVE_VPRINTF' : macro redefinition
>         ..\..\port\cpl_config.h(6) : see previous definition of
> E:\vova\jasper-1.700.1\src\libjasper\include\jasper/jas_config.h(141) :
> warning C4005: 'STDC_HEADERS' : macro redefinition
>         ..\..\port\cpl_config.h(11) : see previous definition of
> E:\vova\jasper-1.700.1\src\libjasper\include\jasper/jas_types.h(159) : fatal
> error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'stdbool.h': No such file or
> directory

Should not happens with our JasPer modification.

Andrey V. Kiselev
Home phone:  +7 812 5274898  ICQ# 26871517

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