R: [Gdal-dev] Support for creating ENVI .hdr labeled files

Amici Alessandro alessandro_amici at telespazio.it
Wed Feb 26 06:47:34 EST 2003


> There is a support for creating ENVI datasets (with "ENVI" driver).
> At the time there is a limitation: driver cannot save projection and
> geotransform in Mapinfo format, but this issue will be resolved shortly.
> Also I want add an option to select the interleaving type.
> Everybody interested in this driver may start testing.

i started testing with python apps and ENVI write support works nicely.

in addition to the WIP-items you mentioned i'd like to point out to you 
one more useful item to implement: 
an option to _append_ the '.hdr' extension to the full name i.e.
	image.bin -> image.bin.hdr


PS: sorry for the delay, i was run over by a virus!

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