[Gdal-dev] more jasper

Andrey Kiselev dron at ak4719.spb.edu
Wed Feb 26 05:10:13 EST 2003

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 12:40:37AM +0300, Vladimir Slepnev wrote:
> GDAL built OK. Of course, this is not a good solution :-) The next problem
> is that I could not read any jpeg2000 files, the program always crashes on
> the GDALOpen call.

I will take a look.

> And one more question: what is the appropriate JPEG2000 GDAL driver code,
> "JPEG" or "JPEG2000"? The documentation says "JPEG", but
> GDALRegister_JPEG2000() says "JPEG2000".

JPEG driver is based on IJG libjpeg library. It is implementation of the
`old' JFIF compression standard. JPEG2000 introduces completely new
compression scheme and file layout. GDAL has two JPEG2000 drivers:
`JPEG2000' based on free JasPer library and `JP2KAK' based on non-free
Kakadu library.

JPEG and JPEG2000 are different drivers and you don't need JPEG2000 if
you only need to handle JFIF files.

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