[Gdal-dev] more jasper

Vladimir Slepnev slepnev_v at newmail.ru
Tue Feb 25 16:40:37 EST 2003


when I added the line


to the file frmts\jpeg2000\jpeg2000dataset.cpp, some problems went away and
GDAL built OK. Of course, this is not a good solution :-) The next problem
is that I could not read any jpeg2000 files, the program always crashes on
the GDALOpen call.

It seems that this feature really needs testing in the Win32 environment.

And one more question: what is the appropriate JPEG2000 GDAL driver code,
"JPEG" or "JPEG2000"? The documentation says "JPEG", but
GDALRegister_JPEG2000() says "JPEG2000".

Vladimir Slepnev
Programmer, RDC ScanEx

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