[Gdal-dev] Problem building 1.1.9 on Windows

jluis at ualg.pt jluis at ualg.pt
Tue Jul 1 20:53:12 EDT 2003

First, in the file nmake.opt the "INC" line 
INC	=	-I$(GDAL_ROOT)\port -I$(GDAL_ROOT)\ogr -I$(GDAL_ROOT)\core
needs to be changed to 
INC	=	-I$(GDAL_ROOT)\port -I$(GDAL_ROOT)\ogr -I$(GDAL_ROOT)\gcore

Now my (very strange) problem. I'm just not able to build because gdal.lib is 
not created. Compiling goes through this makefile section
	if exist gdal.lib del gdal.lib
	lib /out:gdal.lib $(LIBOBJ)
without creating the library. What makes it more odd is that if I run this 
outside the makefile (decomposing $(LIBOBJ)), things work.
Note. I built 1.1.8 without problems.

Is it possible to have an "official" compiled windows release? The last 
available one is 1.1.5, I think.


J. Luis

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