[Gdal-dev] Problem building 1.1.9 on Windows

Ben Discoe ben at vterrain.org
Tue Jul 1 21:27:11 EDT 2003

> Is it possible to have an "official" compiled windows 
> release? The last available one is 1.1.5, I think.

If you don't mind an 'unofficial' release, i have compiled one and put
it here:

(I do this with each release so that the VTP users don't have to build
it themselves, so i've gotten pretty good at getting GDAL to build on

This is built with MSVC6SP5 and includes both release and debug versions
of the .lib/.dll.  The debug versions have an extra 'd' in their name.

It is also built with support for XML/GML turned on, so you may need to
grab Xerces 2.1.0 to link with as well.


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