[Gdal-dev] Problem building 1.1.9 on Windows

Joaquim Luis jluis at ualg.pt
Wed Jul 2 09:02:25 EDT 2003

Ben Discoe wrote:

> > Is it possible to have an "official" compiled windows
> > release? The last available one is 1.1.5, I think.
> If you don't mind an 'unofficial' release, i have compiled one and put
> it here:
> ftp://ftp.vterrain.org/pub/vterrain/dist/gdal-119-ntbin.zip

Thank you Ben and Andrey (I have OpenEV and didn't remember to look at it).
But Ben, this means that you didn't have the problem I described?

BTW, if anyone is interested I wrote a Matlab mex that is a kind of gdal2raw

but only for real (not complex) data.

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