[Gdal-dev] FW: ogr: create? new geometries

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jul 8 09:35:09 EDT 2003

Nico Hardebol wrote:
> but within ogr I can only find OGRGeometryFactory in which new geometries
> objects can be created from well known bin/txt. But no double arrays of X
> and Y coord. can be offered from which a new geometry is built - true?
> Possibly I'm missing something important, I can imagine that this type of
> functionaly is not included since may major problems with spatial
> relationships / topology arises.
> Do I have to build a new geometry with the use of creatFromWKB/WKT() - but
> then I can't find a c++ api with some basic functions to build (opengis
> OLE/COM specifications?).
> OR do you advice me to keep it simple and continue with shapelib - without
> the great advantages of ogr (e.a. reading several file formats / postgis
> PostgreSQL functionality).


There is no general approach to getting all the vertices and modifying them
for any geometry type.  For complete generality you will need to implement
support for points, linestrings, polygons, and collections.  Each class has
specific methods for getting the points, or child objects.

For OGRPoint:
     // IPoint
     double      getX() { return x; }
     double      getY() { return y; }
     double      getZ() { return z; }

     // Non standard
     void        setX( double xIn ) { x = xIn; }
     void        setY( double yIn ) { y = yIn; }
     void        setZ( double zIn ) { z = zIn; }

For LineString (and LinearRing):

     // ILineString methods
     int         getNumPoints() { return nPointCount; }
     void        getPoint( int, OGRPoint * );
     double      getX( int i ) { return paoPoints[i].x; }
     double      getY( int i ) { return paoPoints[i].y; }
     double      getZ( int i );

     // non standard.
     void        setNumPoints( int );
     void        setPoint( int, OGRPoint * );
     void        setPoint( int, double, double, double = 0.0 );
     void        setPoints( int, OGRRawPoint *, double * = NULL );
     void        setPoints( int, double * padfX, double * padfY,
                            double *padfZ = NULL );
     void        addPoint( OGRPoint * );
     void        addPoint( double, double, double = 0.0 );

For OGRPolygon:

     // Non standard
     void        addRing( OGRLinearRing * );
     void        addRingDirectly( OGRLinearRing * );

     OGRLinearRing *getExteriorRing();
     int         getNumInteriorRings();
     OGRLinearRing *getInteriorRing( int );

and for OGRGeometryCollection (and all the specific types):

     // IGeometryCollection
     int         getNumGeometries();
     OGRGeometry *getGeometryRef( int );

     // Non standard
     virtual OGRErr addGeometry( OGRGeometry * );
     virtual OGRErr addGeometryDirectly( OGRGeometry * );
     virtual OGRErr removeGeometry( int iIndex, int bDelete = TRUE );

To create new empty geometries of a particular class you can either
instantiate them directly (ie. new OGRLineString()) or use the
geometry factory (ie. OGRGeometryFactory::createGeometry(wkbLineString)).
Also, you may find it more convenient to just clone your source geometries
with the OGRGeometry::clone() method and then update the new copy in place.

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