[Gdal-dev] projection, geodesy and csv files

mathieu_gdal mathieu_gdal at yahoo.fr
Thu Jul 10 05:24:52 EDT 2003

Dear all,


I use GDAL to display and geo-reference GeoTiff files.


I have noticed that the geo-referencement procedures I use fail if the
.csv files (ellipsoid.csv, gpc.csv, .) are not installed with the app. 


-          Where could I get a definition of each .csv files?


-          Are those .csv files specific to GDAL, or LiGeoTiff?


-          Where in the GDAL could could I find sample for accessing
those tables? cpl_csv.h is for parsing csv files, is there a layer on
top of this to access a list of projections and datums?


Thank you


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