[Gdal-dev] GNUmakefile cleanups (libtool related)

Alessandro Amici alexamici at tiscali.it
Thu Jul 10 19:36:35 EDT 2003


now i'm working on ogr/ogrsf_frmts/.
the procedure for building ogrsf_frmts.a is quite unusual (and extremely 
libtool-unfriendly). IMO the easiest would be to port ogr/ogrsf_frmts/* to 
use the same o-directory trick as frmts/.
the only difficulty is the sdts/ directory:
do we really need the instal-libs target in ogr/ogrsf_frmts/GNUmakefile? 
(it only fetches object files from inside frmts/)
do we really need these objects in both gdal.a and ogrsf_frmts.a?

if not i'd:
diff -ur ../gdal-current/ogr/ogrsf_frmts/GNUmakefile ./ogr/ogrsf_frmts/GNUmakefile
--- ../gdal-current/ogr/ogrsf_frmts/GNUmakefile	2003-05-14 19:12:35.000000000 +0200
+++ ./ogr/ogrsf_frmts/GNUmakefile	2003-07-11 01:12:22.000000000 +0200
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
 	(cd generic; $(MAKE) $*)
 	(cd shape; $(MAKE) $*)
 	(cd ntf; $(MAKE) $*)
-	(cd sdts; $(MAKE) $* default install-libs)
+	(cd sdts; $(MAKE) $*)
 	(cd tiger; $(MAKE) $*)
 	(cd s57; $(MAKE) $*)
 	(cd mitab; $(MAKE) $*)


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