[Gdal-dev] What's necessary to use GDAL/OGR Libery!

Markus Reichert markusrei at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 14 09:42:07 EDT 2003

For my seminar paper I want to conceptualize a tool,
which is able to use, read and write several raster
data and vector formats. I have some experience with c
and c++ but not with large projekts and makefiles
etc...so I have to ask you a basic question:

I want to use GDAL/OGR-library for my project and have
 already downloaded the gdal source files (version
1.1.9) I also compiled successfully the sources with
Visual Studio 6.0. 

But now, I ask myself, which of all the libs, dlls and
header files I really need to build a program that is
using GDAL/OGR functionality and how to build them in
one dirctory so I can use them easily in another
Visual Studio project (best without using a
In the online documentation I have not found
information about such "simple" problems - sorry!

Thanks a lot!
Markus Reichert

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