[Gdal-dev] new build strategy for org/orgsf_frmts/

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jul 15 09:34:56 EDT 2003

Alessandro Amici wrote:
> i think a list is already maintained in ogr/GNUmakefile and i plan to use that 
> one. a cleaner solution is certainly welcome (but i'm not working on that at 
> the moment).


But how do we take advantage of that list from the top level GNUmakefile?

>>Despite my conservative nature, I am willing to suffer a little disruption
>>at this point if it will be helpful in the future.
> ok, i'll prepare a patch for the unification of the various static libraries 
> in the next few days.
> if you agree i'd also take the chance to change the static library name to the 
> more standard libgdal.a. better one big application build breakage than two 
> :).

Sigh.  Yes, I suppose you are right.

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