[Gdal-dev] new build strategy for org/orgsf_frmts/

Alessandro Amici alexamici at tiscali.it
Mon Jul 14 19:35:36 EDT 2003


> Alessandro,
> I think a few things like MapServer used to sometimes statically link
> against the OGR libraries and may have some quirks with this change, but
> likely just best to deal with it there.   Is there any point to having a
> variety of static libraries now?  Is there any reason to not just fold
> ogr.a and ogrsf_frmts.a directly into gdal.a?

actually this would have been _my_ next question ;). i'm working on that.

> If we were to do this we would have an issue with how the object file list
> from the ogr directory is maintained. We can't trivially pull all .o files
> from the ogr directory into gdal.a (like we do with most other directories)
> because there could be .o files from OGR utility programs.  Perhaps those
> should just be moved to gdal/apps for uniformity?

i think a list is already maintained in ogr/GNUmakefile and i plan to use that 
one. a cleaner solution is certainly welcome (but i'm not working on that at 
the moment).

> Despite my conservative nature, I am willing to suffer a little disruption
> at this point if it will be helpful in the future.

ok, i'll prepare a patch for the unification of the various static libraries 
in the next few days.
if you agree i'd also take the chance to change the static library name to the 
more standard libgdal.a. better one big application build breakage than two 


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