[Gdal-dev] nmake.opt

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Jul 18 08:54:00 EDT 2003

Simon Perkins wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> What's your advice on how to handle nmake.opt and CVS? Whenever anybody
> compiles GDAL on windows they have to edit nmake.opt to configure the
> build process properly. Trouble is, whenever I do a 'cvs commit', the
> changes I've made to that file get copied to the CVS repository. Even
> worse, when anyone else who has modified their nmake.opt to build on
> windows does a subsequent 'cvs update', they will get a merge conflict.
> Is there some way to minimize the pain?
> Some possibilities:
> - Avoid committing nmake.opt except when absolutely necessary. Conflicts
> will still occur now and again though.


It has been my policy to only commit nmake.opt files when strictly
necessary, and rather than committing my "working" version, I generally
get a clean copy from CVS, make my additions, and commit that reducing
merge/conflict issues.  Problems will sometimes still occur.

> - Maintain a pristine make-template.opt in CVS, then have people copy
> that file to nmake.opt (which would be removed from CVS control) as part
> of the build preparation process (along with inserting the correct
> config values into the new file).

My issue with this is aI don't want to add a manual step for users starting
new with GDAL. I link that the "nmake /f makefile.vc" command will generally
work out of the box for basic builds of GDAL on windows.   If it were
possible to have a makefile (for NMAKE) which could copy a template
nmake.opt.in to nmake.opt if nmake.opt didn't exist, before including it, then
I would be glad to make the change but I don't know of any way to accomplish

In short, for now I would just ask that people be careful committing changes
to nmake.opt to change the bare minimum.

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