[Gdal-dev] Exception thrown in GDALOpen() function

N. Farah nfarah at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 28 14:12:36 EDT 2003


Thank you for your quick reply. I downloaded The binaries from the suggested 
link and started my application. I had an error about a missing dll: 
"xerces-c_2_1_0.dll". It's seems that binaries has been built with the 
Xerces feature.

I went back to rebuild GDAL-1.1.9 on debug mode, i had built the lib but the 
dll and used them in my project, I have an an access violation exception 
with VSIFClose( fp ) in the destructor of GDALOpenInfo object .

Noureddine Farah


It is quite likely that you are using the debug-mode GDAL with your
release-mode applications, or vice-versa.  They must match.  This means
that in order to develop application in both debug and release mode, you
need to build GDAL both ways.

The changes to the makefiles to make this easy (including giving the
debug library a different name so that it can be distinguished at link
time) has been made by myself and others and has been offered on this
list, but has not yet been accepted into the GDAL build.

In the meantime, may i suggest that rather than build GDAL on Windows,
you simply use these precompiled binaries:

http://vterrain.org/dist/gdal-119-ntbin.zip  (2.3 MB)

It contains the necessary Debug and Release .lib/.dll


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>I have built GDAL-1.1.9 binaries on windows and start using it to open and 
>read some tif files. After registering the requisted driver (here tif), i 
>called "GDALOpen() to open the tif file. But an exception is thrown. After 
>diging into code, the opening went fine, but the exception is risen in the 
>destructor of GDALOpenInfo object. More exactly in the line "CPLFree( 
>pszFilename )". My understanding is that pszFilename is allocated by 
>duplicating the input file name passed in GDALOpen() function.
>I'm wondering if there are some incompatibilities between the functions of 
>memory allocation and memory deallocation..?
>Or another reason that cause the failure of memory deallocation ?
>Noureddine Farah

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