[Gdal-dev] Gdal and proj uysing different versions of the windows runtime library

Roger James rogerjames99 at btinternet.com
Thu Jun 12 13:31:34 EDT 2003



You recently changed the debug build of gdal to use the multi threaded
dll version of the ms runtime. This clashes with the build of proj which
uses the static linked library.


I have changed the gdal vc makefiles and nmake.opt to link with the
relevant versions of the dll runtime and to build versions of the
librabry with a d added to the filename in debug mode. Also matching
changes to the proj makefile, and a little conditional change in ogr to
load the debug or non debug version of proj accordingly.


Are you interested in these changes? If so I will zip them up and submit


In general if anyone else gets problems with heap corruption on windows
platforms when doing transforms check that compatible runtimes are being



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