R: [Gdal-dev] Geotiff support and issues with libgeotiff/libtiff

Amici Alessandro alessandro_amici at telespazio.it
Tue Jun 17 14:16:46 EDT 2003


> It seems I need a newer geotiff than 1.1.4 (which is in the distro) to
> do this, but libgeotiff 1.2.0 no longer ships with internal copies of
> libtiff headers, and I have never managed to get any version of
> libgeotiff to build against libtiff's headers (which is the problem that
> must be solved).

i maintain the unofficial debian package, and i use internal tiff-geotiff
libraries as well :/

Frank, one more point that is unclear to me is the status of tiff 3.6.x,
is it considered stable? i.e. should i push the debian tiff maintainer to
update it? are 3.6.x binary compatible with 3.5.x?


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