R: [Gdal-dev] Geotiff support and issues with libgeotiff/libtiff

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Jun 17 14:36:41 EDT 2003

Amici Alessandro wrote:
> Buchan,
>>It seems I need a newer geotiff than 1.1.4 (which is in the distro) to
>>do this, but libgeotiff 1.2.0 no longer ships with internal copies of
>>libtiff headers, and I have never managed to get any version of
>>libgeotiff to build against libtiff's headers (which is the problem that
>>must be solved).
> i maintain the unofficial debian package, and i use internal tiff-geotiff
> libraries as well :/
> Frank, one more point that is unclear to me is the status of tiff 3.6.x,
> is it considered stable? i.e. should i push the debian tiff maintainer to
> update it? are 3.6.x binary compatible with 3.5.x?

Alessandro / Buchan,

Libgeotiff 1.2.0 should be used with libtiff 1.6.0 (beta or later).  There
was a substantial restructuring of how extentions are handled in the shift
to libgeotiff 1.2.0, and libtiff 1.6.0 and you cannot mix these versions
with older versions of the other library.  The change to how extensions are
handled was done to avoid needing a copy of libtiff include files (or access
to private include files) when building libgeotiff.  This practice was causing
lots of compatibility problems.

Andrey will be issuing a new libtiff 3.6.0 beta release this week and if there
are no problems with it, we should release libtiff 3.6.0 final as soon as next
week or the week after that.  I have intended to do this for several months,
but never seem to get to it, which is why I have asked Andrey to take over
this responsibility.

Once 3.6.0 final is out I hope Debian will upgrade to it promptly.

Buchan ... have you tried building libgeotiff 1.2.0 against libtiff 3.6.0 beta?

Note ... these issues really belong on the geotiff list.

Best regards,

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