[Gdal-dev] Is it possible to just copy the new data without affecting the header ?

Anand Madhavan anandm at ittc.ku.edu
Fri Mar 7 14:21:58 EST 2003

Hi Mr. Warmerdam,

   Thanks for your reply to my question regarding copying all the header
information of a hfa file. Basically, I have a source .img file and another
source .pgm file ( both of same dimensions! ). I need to create a new output
.img file which has the header information of the source .img file and the
data of the .pgm file. I guess the best bet is to just make a copy of the
souce .img file, and copy the data into it from the .pgm file. But, is it
possible to just copy the imagery data from a .pgm to .img file without
affecting the header inside the already existing band of the .img? ( eg.
georeferencing, etc...).(Assuming the width and height are the same) If so,
kindly guide me. Thanks!

Anand Madhavan.

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