[Gdal-dev] GDAL and compile link errors

Jim Julian julian at preferred.com
Sat Mar 8 11:25:15 EST 2003

Hi Frank,

>The other problems are less clear to me.  The ntohl and htonl functions
>are provided by ws2_32.lib, normally included in the HDF_LIB macro in
>nmake.opt.  I think some of the other problems related back to the GML
>build failing.

  I searched the internet and found that ws2_32.lib is a VC98 library
and the HDF_LIB designation is for the HDF lib directory.
HDF4_DIR =      D:\HDF41R5
HDF4_LIB =      /LIBPATH:$(HDF4_DIR)\lib

                                                                 Jim Julian

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