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Roger James rogerjames99 at btinternet.com
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I you convert the file to to an ordinary tiff, you can use my georef
program to give it co-ordinate information. You will need the
co-ordinates of three ground control points visible in the upper left,
upper right, and lower left quadrants of the image. You can find georef
at www.beardandsandals.co.uk.


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I want to be able to convert a "bmp" file to a
"GeoTiff" file.

I used gdal_translate to do this, but the resulting
file didn't of course contain georeferencing data.

1. Is it possible (if I find the goereferencing data)
to give them to GDAL SDK so that GDAL can generate a
GeoTiff file with georeferencing data embeded inside?

if (1.)
   2. What data do I need to supply to GDAL to    
   accomplish this?
   3. What functions to use in GDAL to save such data 
   in thre resulting GeoTiff file?
   4. Can you help me in any means to accomoplish

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