[Gdal-dev] gdal_translate

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Mar 11 08:36:37 EST 2003

Ayman Kamal wrote:
> ok sir, I found a way to make "gdal_translate" be able
> to convert those 16-bit geotiff files:
> gdal_translate -of bmp -ot byte file1.tif file2.bmp
> (( simply I didn't put -scale in the command line ))
> I just want one thing, do you have explanation for this?


Substantially different machinery is used with scaling is used from when it
isn't.  However, I have rerun a test of converting a 16bit input file to
8bit BMP with scaling on my Linux system and it works fine even under
valgrind, so I still don't know why your local build didn't work.  If you
are still interested in the issue, the obvious step to take is for you to
try and debug the problem since you are apparently the only one able to
reproduce the problem.

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