[Gdal-dev] Python modules

Simon Perkins s.perkins at lanl.gov
Thu Mar 13 20:52:14 EST 2003


Currently, if you build GDAL with Python support, the GDAL python
modules are put into
$python_prefix/lib/python${python_version}/site_packages, where
$python_prefix is the prefix where Python is installed, e.g. /usr.

This is fine if you're installing GDAL as normal, but what if you want
to install GDAL somewhere local (e.g. 'cos you don't have root access)?

The rest of GDAL can be installed somewhere else by specifying a
--prefix argument to configure, but currently this does not affect where
the python files go. Would anyone object to me adding a configure option
to allow $python_prefix to be set as well?

Or alternatively, if the --prefix option is used, python modules could
be automatically placed somewhere like $prefix/share/gdal/python, or
something like that, but I guess it's conceivable this might break some
existing usage.



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