[Gdal-dev] Python modules

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Mar 13 22:31:39 EST 2003

Simon Perkins wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently, if you build GDAL with Python support, the GDAL python
> modules are put into
> $python_prefix/lib/python${python_version}/site_packages, where
> $python_prefix is the prefix where Python is installed, e.g. /usr.
> This is fine if you're installing GDAL as normal, but what if you want
> to install GDAL somewhere local (e.g. 'cos you don't have root access)?
> The rest of GDAL can be installed somewhere else by specifying a
> --prefix argument to configure, but currently this does not affect where
> the python files go. Would anyone object to me adding a configure option
> to allow $python_prefix to be set as well?
> Or alternatively, if the --prefix option is used, python modules could
> be automatically placed somewhere like $prefix/share/gdal/python, or
> something like that, but I guess it's conceivable this might break some
> existing usage.


Good idea.  That's why I implemented it a while ago.  The option
is --with-pymoddir.  Give the the directory the python stuff should
be installed in.

Note, this may be post GDAL 1.1.8, ie just in CVS.

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