[Gdal-dev] Re: Sample data

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Sep 9 09:16:45 EDT 2003

Martin Daly wrote:
> Frank,
> I'd really, really, really (can you see how much?) like to see a GDAL
> sample data download area.  We spent ages searching for data - to test
> and demonstrate with - for some of the drivers.  We ended up with the
> attached list (apologies for disturbing your delicate Linux
> sensibilities by using DIR output instead of ls, but note the folders
> cunningly named using GDAL driver names), which is way short of the
> possible permutations.
> Obviously there are sensitivity and privacy issues, but on the whole I
> would have thought that it would be possible to get something for most
> drivers.


Rather that risk putting my OGC meeting beer supply at risk, I am forced
to comply.  I will start assembling public data samples on the GDAL ftp
site in directories named by driver.


It will hopefully automatically get mirrored at:


Sample data of publically redistributable data samples of moderate size
are welcome from all sources.  Please drop them in the incoming directory
at ftp.remotesensing.org and let me know by email.

I will work to populate it as I can.  You are certainly not the first GDAL
user to request comprehensive test data.  Some are even paying customers!

Best regards,

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