[Gdal-dev] gdal on amd64 needs -fPIC?

Alessandro Amici alexamici at fastwebnet.it
Sun Apr 4 13:42:30 EDT 2004


sorry for the long delay.

On Thursday 01 April 2004 11:49, Vincent Schut wrote:
> Well I just took the effort to create a really really informative message
> for you with make outputs and configure options and stuff like that, then
> in the end the error doesn't show anymore.

lucky me ;)

> I did a cvs update before that. 
> Did you change things in cvs regarding -fPIC? Or was it something else
> (which I'll have to find out then) that caused the error here?

no change from me.

if you need to further investigate the problem the only hint that i can give 
you is that if you change the reconfigure gdal without a "make clean", stale 
files can pollute the build. but i don't see how this can give the error you 

> Note that all this is with a HDF4 lib compiled *with* -fPIC.

do you mean libmfhdf.so of the hdf driver inside gdal?

BTW: which distribution do you use?

really i can't imagine the x86-64 binutils being much different from x86 ones.


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