[Gdal-dev] gdal on amd64 needs -fPIC?

Vincent Schut schut at sarvision.com
Mon Apr 5 06:37:14 EDT 2004

On Sunday 04 April 2004 17:42, you wrote:
> Vincent,
> sorry for the long delay.
No matters.
> On Thursday 01 April 2004 11:49, Vincent Schut wrote:
> > Well I just took the effort to create a really really informative message
> > for you with make outputs and configure options and stuff like that, then
> > in the end the error doesn't show anymore.
> lucky me ;)
> > I did a cvs update before that.
> > Did you change things in cvs regarding -fPIC? Or was it something else
> > (which I'll have to find out then) that caused the error here?
> no change from me.
> if you need to further investigate the problem the only hint that i can
> give you is that if you change the reconfigure gdal without a "make clean",
> stale files can pollute the build. but i don't see how this can give the
> error you reported.
> > Note that all this is with a HDF4 lib compiled *with* -fPIC.
> do you mean libmfhdf.so of the hdf driver inside gdal?

libmfhdf.so. Didn't know that gdal comes with it's own hdf driver files? You 
mean it is possible to compile gdal with hdf4 support without installing the 
hdf4 library seperately?
> BTW: which distribution do you use?

> really i can't imagine the x86-64 binutils being much different from x86
> ones.

Neither could I.
Let's say that if this error comes up again, I'll do some more intensive 
testing and report back to the list again. So if you don't hear from me about 
-fPIC, all goes well. I am a regular user of gdal cvs so I should find out 
soon if the problem arises again.
I know of course about the make clean thing. This disappearance of errors 
however also to me sounds like that I might have forgotten to make clean (or 
ldconfig) somewhere in the process.

Thanks for the support, anyway.

> cheers,
> alessandro

 Vincent Schut
 SarVision B.V.
 Wageningen, The Netherlands

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