[Gdal-dev] PNG Heightfield

J Douglas Gough doug at jdgis.com
Mon Apr 5 10:28:50 EDT 2004

I'm interested in checking out the gmt to tga heightfield code that J. Luis
suggested. PNG would be a great way to store elevation data - it's got great
lossless compression and could be easily ported once a standard palette is
created.  Sort of a "GeoPNG" for elevation (i.e. PEG or 'PNG Elevation
Graphic') was what I had in mind.  If I come up with something useful, I'll
make sure to post it.  I've got the entire National Elevation Dataset
converted to MrSid as integer values and ready to host online, but the Sid
format is not as easy to read/write and add to custom apps as far as
licensing compared to PNG.

doug at jdgis.com

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