[Gdal-dev] MATLAB Mex Interface(s) to GDAL?

Valentine Anantharaj val at GRI.MsState.Edu
Mon Apr 5 11:35:02 EDT 2004

Joaquim -

I was able to use the copy from the Mirone distribution.  It works great 
for the GeoTIFF files I am using.  Thanks.



Joaquim Luis wrote:

>Quoting Valentine Anantharaj <val at GRI.MsState.Edu>:
>>Are there any MATLAB Mex interface(s) to the GDAL library and
>>functionalities?  I noticed one other post in the past that referred to
>>this possibility; but there was no contact email.
>You probably refer to one post of mine. Indeed I wrote a kind of gdalread mex 
>file. I say a "kind" because it doesn't read all the supported gdal formats.
>I decided to leave out image formats that are potentially very large. If you 
>know Matlab and it's voracity for RAM you'll understand why I did it.
>This mex is used in a project of mine called Mirone and is distributed with it.
>Mirone (BTW, it also fits on the recent category of gdal viewers) is available 
>At this moment (I'm writing from home) I am not sure if the distribution already 
>includes the gdalread_m.c (the mex) source code, but it does include the 
>gdalread_m.dll mex file (it is on Mirone's root directory).
>My email contact is:
>jluis at ualg.pt
>Tell me if the source code is not included and you want it.
>Joaquim Luis
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