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Gabriel Moricz gabriel at
Wed Apr 14 11:16:23 EDT 2004

I did not get it...


I pretend to use mapserver with gd, proj, gdal, ogr, wmsclient, postgis,
wms, wfsclient, httpd..

Well...Do u think that I will have problems if I compile GDAL without gif???

Sry..I am a begginer with this service...


Gabriel Moricz

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Gabriel Moricz wrote:
> Thanks Frank...
> Well....If I install it without Gif, what will happen later when I install
> MapServer...
> Does MapServer requires gdal with GIF???


MapServer generally uses the GIF support that comes with GD.  However, lack
of GDAL gif support might gum up use of remote WMS layers delivered as GIF
which, I think, go through GDAL.

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