[Gdal-dev] Exporting GaussBoaga Grass location to ENVI format: no projection information

Javier Yebrin javier.yebrin at ing.unitn.it
Wed Aug 4 10:05:04 EDT 2004

I've been using gdal_translate in order to export a GRASS-GIS raster file that 
has a Gauss-Boaga projection into ENVI format and the resulting ENVI header 
does'nt contain the projection information.
Notice that exporting the same raster file but stored in an UTM32 north 
location, leads to an ENVI header file with the proper projection info. so I 
guess my instalation is OK, but there is a problem in gdaltranslate trying to 
understand the GB parameters.
How can we fix this problem? (besides exporting to other formats or using the 
UTM32 projection)

GDAL version is:
GDAL, released 2004/06/23
GRASS version is:
GRASS 5.7.cvs (2004)

This is the command issued to translate from the GB location (parsed in 
different lines here for the sake of clarity):

gdal_translate -of ENVI -ot Int16 -a_srs 

And the resulting ENVI header:

samples = 1112
lines   = 1473
bands   = 1
header offset = 0
file type = ENVI Standard
data type = 2
interleave = bsq
byte order = 0
band names = {
Band 1}

Thanks in advance,

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