[Gdal-dev] Exporting GaussBoaga Grass location to ENVI format: no projection information

Alessandro Amici alexamici at fastwebnet.it
Wed Aug 4 15:21:25 EDT 2004


On Wednesday 04 August 2004 16:05, Javier Yebrin wrote:
> I've been using gdal_translate in order to export a GRASS-GIS raster file
> that has a Gauss-Boaga projection into ENVI format and the resulting ENVI
> header does'nt contain the projection information.
> Notice that exporting the same raster file but stored in an UTM32 north
> location, leads to an ENVI header file with the proper projection info. so
> I guess my instalation is OK, but there is a problem in gdaltranslate
> trying to understand the GB parameters.

you have two problems:

1 - gdal has only very limited support for writing and reading ENVI map_info 
data. last time i checked only utm32 and maybe latlong were working. Frank is 
looking into the issue, but writing a good parser for map_info is a non 
trivial task and no founding is seen on the horizon.

2 - ENVI map_info has no native representation for the GB projection. you need 
to add a custom projection with suitable data yourself.
and before you ask, yes i managed to do it, but, no, i don't remember the 
details and i don't have access to the code or the samples anymore, sorry.


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