[Gdal-dev] Problems compiling GDAL with MrSID 4.x DSDK

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Thu Aug 5 11:58:15 EDT 2004

The header lti_bufferData.h was renamed to lti_sceneBuffer.h between the 4.0.7 (or maybe 4.0.8) preview release and the final release, 4.0.9.  If you are using one of the preview releases, you really should upgrade.

I've been on travel for a while, but the last I recall on the RGB discussion was that the driver would probably have to do something like cache the other two bands when doing an extract, or else suffer a performance hit.  MrSID encodes RGB data as YIQ, so we can't do single-band extractions like GDAL wants...


Michael P. Gerlek
Software Architect / MrSID team
mpg at lizardtech.com
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