[Gdal-dev] Problem in Ehdr (ESRI .hdr) reader

Thom DeCarlo t.r.decarlo at larc.nasa.gov
Thu Aug 5 16:05:54 EDT 2004

I was trying to process some SRTM1 data that I got from USGS. These files
already had the .hdr, .prj, and other header files so I didn't use Markus'
script to generate the header files. 

What I found was that gdal does not recognize the UNITS field in the .prj
file and therefore incorrectly interprets the ULXMAP, ULYMAP, XDIM, and YDIM
values in the .hdr file. (Converting the files using Erdas produced
similarly bad results.) 

I'm not sure if this covers all the allowed values, but it seems that gdal
should interpret at least these:

Where DD = decimal degrees, DM = decimal minutes, and DS = decimal seconds.
(DS is the important one for me.)

I've attached the header files for one of the datasets, but the actual data
is too big to email.

I've tried looking around at the code, but I can't immediately see where all
the needed changes would occur to support this new field. Of course, I could
simply be misusing the gdal translator. If so, can you tell me how to read


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