[Gdal-dev] One more time: Merging DEMs that are in different UTM zones...

StefanReisser at t-online.de StefanReisser at t-online.de
Sun Aug 8 22:58:13 EDT 2004


I have one more question concerning the merging of DEM files that are in
different UTM zones.

Let's consider I have a number of DEM files that cover a huge area that
crosses some UTM zone borders.
To gather all the data, I have a huge 2D array that later on will
contain all the height information. 
The reference x point for the data is the UTM corner coordinate of the
leftmost DEM. 
That corresponds to the first column of the array (raster coordinate).

If I now want to get in the data of a DEM that is in a different UTM
zone than the leftmost DEM, is it sufficient to just
convert this DEMs UTM coordinates to the UTM coordinates of the leftmost
reference DEM and then add the data (after 
having computed the corresponding raster coordinates? Or is there a
mismatch between DEMs from different zones?
What do I have to take care of?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,


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