[Gdal-dev] GDAL As A Local Map?

Jeremy Gillula jeremy at caltech.edu
Wed Aug 11 17:21:43 EDT 2004

I'm looking for an open-source system I can use for storing and processing map data for an autonomous robot, and I was wondering if anyone on this mailing list could tell me if GDAL is the right solution for me.  There are three big requirements that I need:
1.  Writing/reading to the map should be very fast, since the robot will be filling the map with data in real time, and will be using the map to navigate in real time
2.  The map should support storing data in UTM coordinates (which I'm pretty sure GDAL will do) but should also feature a local-representation, so that instead of having a big map of everywhere the robot might travel (which would be on the order of 200 miles), I would use a smaller higher-resolution map (maybe 100 or 200m on a side) which I can translate (in a sort of scrolling window) as the robot moves.
3.  The map has multiple layers so I can store elevation data from different sensors.
If anyone has any comments on whether or not they think I can adapt GDAL to this purpose, I would very much appreciate it.

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