[Gdal-dev] Compiling under .NET

Chapman, Martin MChapman at sanz.com
Fri Aug 13 11:48:47 EDT 2004

I have built it many times in .Net.  Just follow the directions at
http://gdal.maptools.org/gdal_building.html - Building on Windows.  And
do it from the command line.  It works great.


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I actually got GDAL as a part of OSSIM (it currently includes GDAL v1.2)
am trying to build it under C++ .NET.   When it gets to the GDAl part of
build it issues the commands in the makefile as follows and the
generates the error message:

cd port
 nmake /nologo /f makefile.vc
 cl /nologo /Ox /MD -I..\port -I..\ogr -I..\gcore  /c cpl_conv.cpp
cpl_conv.cpp(904) : error C3861: 'snprintf': identifier not found, even
with argument-dependent lookup

Have people successfully compile under .NET?  Perhaps I'm not properly
editing my nmake.opt file? (I did not edit it at all except of the
GDAL_HOME variable).


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