[Gdal-dev] processing SRTM-3?

jluis at ualg.pt jluis at ualg.pt
Thu Jul 29 16:08:03 EDT 2004

> Well, I am not sure why this behaviour would have changed in recent
> memory.  However, I see that it was currently illegal to have multi-line
> WKT definitions in ESRI .prj files the way the reading code was working.
> ESRI always emits stuff as a single long line.

It looks that I made a mistake. My original .prj file was a single long line.
Than I looked at the output of gdalinfo and tested if a multiple line format
.prj still worked in creating a Geotiff, and it did.
My idea was to try to use the gdalinfo output to write a .prj file, but it looks
that this might work with some formats but not all. Hence my question on what
are the allowed/mandatory contents of a .prj file

Thanks again

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