[Gdal-dev] OpenEV_FW 1.8.1 Release

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Sep 3 14:13:51 EDT 2004


I have produced a new OpenEV_FW release available at:


It should also soon be available from the maptools download page at:


The ftp.remotesensing.org master site is currently down (due to the hurricane
I think) but I will try to move it there next week as well.

I worked hard to include the HDF support in this release, but there are still
some outstanding problems that Andrey is working on.  In part this release
is intended to give folks a chance to try out the latest GDAL as I get close
to releasing GDAL 1.2.2.  Please report any GDAL issues in this package.

I ran the GDAL and MapServer test suites and discovered some problems in
MapServer that I have not isolated.  The GDAL suite seems to be running fine.
So, be a bit wary about this MapServer build.

If we can iron out a few of the other issues I will likely produce a new
cut in a week or so possibly corresponding with a formal GDAL 1.2.2 release.

PS. This new OpenEV_FW includes Gillian's updated raw tools.  As usual it is
built from the latest CVS for GDAL, OpenEV and MapServer.

Best regards,
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