[Gdal-dev] Anyone has ever built GDAL using RHIDE/DJGPP on Windows

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Sep 17 14:23:47 EDT 2004

Gustavo Wagner wrote:
> I`ve been using RHIDE/DJGPP on windows for project i am working at.
> I am on need to read several DEMs,DTMs and raster images on my program and I 
> found GDAL to be almost exactaly what I was looking for. Congratulations for 
> anyone involved on it.
> But GDAL is very big indeed, and I don`t know if I can build it with my 
> application without help.
> Thanks in advance for any help


It doesn't look like anyone answered so I'll answer briefly.

I don't know what RHIDE is.  I presume some sort of IDE using DJGPP as the

I believe there are folks who have built GDAL with DJGPP before, so I don't
think that should be too hard in and of itself.  But as you noted, GDAL has
a fairly complex source tree so whipping up a "project file" for your IDE
of choice can be very challenging.  My suggestion would be to download and
install Cygwin to use a as a shell, and then use the Unix style build.

But after configuring with the Cygwin GCC, go in and hand fiddle
gdal/port/cpl_config.h and gdal/GDALmake.opt a bit to use your DJGPP
compiler.  With modest effort you should be able to then build using
the Cygwin shell and make utility but your compiler.

Of course, if you were just wanting to do everything from the IDE this might
not fit your needs.

Of course, even if you build the library with DJGPP/Cygwin or with VC++ you
can always use DJGPP/RHIDE to build your application on top of the library.

PS. adding in some of the more esoteric support libraries may be more
challenging.  I was mostly addressing doing a "stock" build just using the
GDAL code itself.

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