[Gdal-dev] Python modules fail to compile on MAC OS X

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Thu Sep 23 10:38:32 EDT 2004

Hi Jeroen

This old tips from Alessando Amici works only in GDAL 1.2.1 in OS X:

>there are at least two old threads on the subject, where you can get a bit
>more background, the more interesting is the one with subject: Python Module
>Build in april this year.
>you may try the following:
>edit the setup.py script in the root directory changing:
>LIBRARY_DIRS = ["./libs"]
>LIBRARY_DIRS = ["./.libs"]
>on line 69 (yes, this was a brain-not-found kind of error on my part back in
>april... sigh! and i think i don't have cvs write access anymore).
>$ ./configure <...> --without-python
>$ make
>$ python setup.py build
>$ su root "python setup.py install"
>please report to the list if this finally works.

In OS X the libraries are inside the folder but an invisible folder 
named ".libs" inside gdal source dir.

- built your GDAL without python support;
- after change 2 rows in file setup.py:

row 69
- LIBRARY_DIRS = ["./libs"]
+ LIBRARY_DIRS = ["./.libs"]

row 103
- ("lib", ['libgdal.%s.so' % soversion]),
+ ("lib", ['libgdal.%s.dylib' % soversion]),

- > python setup.py build
- > sudo python setup.py install

This patch does not work in 1.2.2 or other ...


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