[Gdal-dev] Question about getting fields for features in OGR

Sergey Karin nil5-ksa at yandex.ru
Mon Apr 4 07:38:04 EDT 2005

Hi, Frank.

I am using Postgis and OGR for reading data from it.

So, Postgis does not  allow to create fields of features with the name that
consists of two or more words. Because the name of field is the name of
table column.  But I want. So, I have created a table that contain
corresponding names that can consists of two or more words. And I have
developed a lot of functions that returns the names.

Now, I want to use OGR for reading fields of features. As I understood OGR
use the name of table column as the name of field.

The question is: How I can get names of fields that consists of two or more
words through OGR (using driver for postgis).

If can't, is there any plans to realize that?

Sergey Karin

P.S. And what about my style strings in Mapinfo driver? :)

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